What is CBDA? | How does 10xPure Help Cbd?

CTFO delivers the future of CBD with its breakthrough 1 xpure patented formulation and worldwide distribution agreement.

What makes 10X pure so unique CTFO about recently completed an exploratory scientific endeavor in which we observed that 10XPure supercharged oil appeared to protect integrity of CBA

You may be wondering what is CBD Cannadialog acid also known as CBDA has been shown to be more effective than CBD especially at reduced pain and inflammation CBDA is considered to be the mother of CBD and technical charts CBD a is called a precursor CBD is created when the naturally occurring raw CBDA from the hemp plant is processed and converted into Cbd on process CBDa from hemp is absolutely pure natural and free of solvents or any toxic residue.

Check out this diagram, on the left you can see the levels of CBDA detected in liver cells that have been exposed to regular CBD hemp oil to the right are liver cells with Ctfo’s 10x pure you can only clearly see greater levels of cbda present on the right 10xPure this is a really important discovery because CBDa a has shown to be more water soluble in 10xPure oil that hemp oil alone.

Let’s backup for a minute CBD hemp oil it’s everywhere these days and we are only beginning to scratch the surface of the inner workings of the and endocannabinoid system and the vital impact CBD could have on all of us.

There has been an overwhelming amount of supporting medical research on the many benefits of his powerful plant from pain reduction to supporting I a healthier immune system reducing inflammation promoting healthy blood sugar levels and cardiovascular health the potential benefits of seemingly endless

But all Cbd are not created equal in terms of purity, potency, flavor and especially effectiveness when it comes to providing all these health benefits

Our proprietary 10XPure goes through patented process it super charge is the oil oxygen and removes the protective outerwear of the oil molecules leaving an exposed molecule which promotes more affected absorption there is an old saying blood is thicker than water, in reality your blood is almost 80% water 10XPure supports a higher level of penetration and absorption

The amazing health benefits of CBDA hemp oil can not be denied However our 10xPure patented technology totally sets us apart from everyone else in the industry because of the increased amount of Cannabinoids that could end up in you body With 10XPure you can now unlock unrivaled potential health benefits and it is only available at Ctfo with a 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee you ….

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Attention Canada – FEB 13/2019

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT CANADA (includes instructions)

As many of you know, it has been a challenge to get our CBD products delivered to our Canadian CTFO Family members in a regular, timely manner. We have always worked diligently and effectively to do what is right for Canada and will continue to do so.

In fact, we have been working to form a partnership with a specific Canadian company that has held a Producer’s License for years and is very well linked with Health Canada. This would allow us to solve all the delivery challenges for our Canadian CTFO Family members, once and for all. We are actually hoping to complete this process very soon, but it’s not fully in place yet.

However, this week there has been a new development with the Canadian shipping situation. We called the Canadian Border Services Agency and they informed us that because of increased scrutiny caused by one of our former Associates, what was previously a “grey area” of the interpretation of various Canadian laws, allowing 95% of our product orders to be delivered there, is now a very different situation. As of just recently, we are now being told that almost all of our packages are being held at the border.

Due to the actions of this one former Associate, the grey areas that we have been navigating with Health Canada have now become black and white effective immediately. In other words, after surviving the Canada Post strike, we were only experiencing customs issues with approximately 5% of our orders. Now, effective today, almost all of the orders being shipped to Canada containing CBD products are being seized.

Therefore, to avoid the hit & miss of parcels being stopped/seized, we’ve chosen to hold off the sales of CBD products to Canada until we know CBD is 100% clear to enter into the country. We have chosen to do this one more time until the “grey zone” of CBD has been clarified by the Canadian Gov’t. and/or our partnership with the Canadian company we’re working with is finalized. Please note, just like the last time this happened, this is temporary and should be resolved very soon.

We have had to do this because as of right now, almost all the life-changing products stopped at the border are being destroyed. For those of you waiting on orders, we have created 2 options for you to choose from. We can refund your money and when we’re back on track in Canada, you can re-order. Or you can choose to leave your un-received order in place and when we do resume deliveries, we can make sure your order(s) are at the front of the line.

Either way, please let us know by emailing us at You will need to include your CTFO ID number, the order number, the items on the order (including the quantities), as well as your shipping address. The regular support email address will not be handling these requests. Please do NOT call Associate Services regarding this issue. If you do, you will be redirected to email us at, so please send an email only.

We at CTFO pride ourselves on always doing what’s right for our Associates and Customers. That’s why we’ve decided once again to continue the current ranks for our dedicated Canadian Associates until we can re-start CBD sales into Canada. Please understand this is only temporary until shipping is cleared up at the border.

In order to be qualified to maintain your current rank, you will need to email us at and request this. This is the only way we can know who to maintain ranks for. You will need to include your CTFO ID number. The regular support email address will not be handling these requests. Please do NOT call Associate Services regarding this issue. If you do, you will be redirected to email us at, so please send an email only.

We continue to offer many incredible, non-CBD products in Canada that all people can benefit from. These are available on your CTFO website.

We apologize for the temporary disruption of CBD sales in Canada, but once again, we want you to know that we are doing everything possible to get these life changing products back to our Canadian Family members ASAP.

Thank you for your understanding during this challenging time,

Your CTFO Home Team

Cbd Oil Products Holiday Special

This is the time of year to share and that’s what we are doing!

Holiday special Now Available

Holiday special Now Available

On our First Day of Holiday Specials we share with you Is:

Luxury Facial Care Products

Luxury Facial Care Holiday Special
Luxury Facial Care Holiday Special

This package contains our:

  • CBD Dead Sea Mud Mask with Vulcanus Kaolin,
  • CBD Your Majesty Queen of all Creams Moisturizing Cream,
  • CBD Insta-Lift Instant Wrinkle Remover and Lash and Brow Serum.

This package provides a luxurious skin care and anti-aging regimen for over $15 less than purchasing each product separately.

Suggested Retail Price: $213.97  Holiday Special  $139.97

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